Teleport To The Free Market

He was in a recliner. On one side was a giant stuffed gorilla and a gigantic fluffy dog on the other. He threw them violently to the floor but remained seated.

“This is nice. I like that this seat has cookies and lemonade. Now I have to swim. I’ll have to use my swimming suit.”

He brought the invisible cookie up to his mouth and began to chew the air. After eating the chocolate chip air cookie he crawled out onto the reclined foot rest. His weight pushed down the recliner causing the chair to fling back hitting my wall.

I continued to stare in his direction without saying a word. What is there to say? We were clearly in his fantasy world. It was 10:00 PM.

It’s been 38 minutes…he’s still up. Here’s a recap of what happens in just over 30 minutes.

“Mama, I’ve added more folders on your phone. Now we have room to put more games on there”.

He obviously doesn’t comprehend my lack of available storage space is unrelated to how the app icons are organized.

“How many games are you downloading?”


“Isn’t that excessive?”


“Can I get this one? It’s on sale.”

“For sale as in…free? You know it has to say…F.R.E.E. Do you see those letters?”

“I think so.”

I glance at the phone and see it’s a game you have to get on Amazon Underground.

“No baby. That one isn’t free. It doesn’t even tell you how much it is.”

“Yes it is! You just have to go to the other market.”

“What market?”

“Ugghhhhh… look!” (points to the shopping cart) I’m just going to teleport over there. You’ll see…”

He clicks the link to open the other “market”.

amazon market

“NOOOOOO!! I saw of glimpse of $99 per year and went into flip mode. Seriously?!?!?! Just stop! Get a game out of the cloud that you already have or go to bed!”

He picks a version of Angry Birds in outer space.

“Wake me up when it’s done installing…nope never mind…my game is ready!!”

So…a couple of things we can conclude here:

  • I’m doing a terrible job parenting this evening.
  • I wish my husband was home. 3rd shift nights = mama & Aaron stay up too late
  • Aaron is SUPER smart…maybe too smart 🙂






14 Places To Hide Dirty Laundry!

I wonder what it’s like to do laundry in a home where all of the dirty clothes are in a designated location. I think it’s called a hamper. Maybe some people are more familiar with the term laundry basket.

Here in my family we like to play a little game called “Hide & Go Seek Laundry To Wash”! Continue reading

Who Will Win The Jackpot?


Who will win the jackpot? For 48 hours beginning at 8:46PM this evening the Mellix family is competing in a “STOP YELLING” challenge. Continue reading

Arts & Crafts Reality

She cracks me up! This is my life…  Continue reading

My Big Thumb Toe

I was sitting down on my dining room floor surrounded by mountains of dirty clothes. I mustered up the energy to drag it all out of the laundry room in an effort to sort by category like normal moms. The outer layer of my cage was an assortment of baskets. The laundry needed to be done and I was not motivated.

Me: “Hey babe…you know what would be so great right now?”

Husband: “What?”

Me: “Something sweet…how about a hot fudge ice cream sundae from Culvers?”

Husband: “Sure.”

Motivation = ice cream     Culvers = closes in 45 minutes

Action plan: Speed sort the laundry Continue reading

A few reasons why I miss Summer 2015…

This summer was awesome. Continue reading

How to tell your child needs more structure


I was sitting just a few rows back from the front in church this evening.
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Stylebook Picture layout (fail)


Pinterest photo of how to photograph clothing for My Stylebook app. I have the Android version – MyDressing app.


My photography skills need some work…

I found it worked much better when I hung the items up on the back of my closet door.


Still working on capturing everything. I’m very excited about my new organizational tool!!

Mom’s “day off”

laundryI didn’t go to work today. In my world that means I didn’t report to my “official” place of employment but replaced those labor hours with things that desperately needed to be done at home. Anyone else take days like these?

After I dropped Boogy off at school I stopped by Bojangles and picked up two football shaped Bo Berry biscuits and a large Pepsi. Breakfast of Champions… check! I came back to the house where my husband and youngest son were still getting ready. Actually, Aaron was already dressed. He is four and can get completely dressed down to his shoes super quick if he knows there’s a chance he can play Xbox. So I sat down on the couch eating my sugar filled breakfast while Aaron told me all about his current standings with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Before I was done he had defeated Dr. Doom and was moving on to find Galactus.

Once they left I sat down at the keyboard to practice. One might ask if this falls under the “desperately needs to get done” category. No…not at all. This would be categorized as procrastination Level 10. I’ve already avoided my job and now I’m playing…I mean “practicing” the keyboard. I have learned a little bit though. I can play a few chords from watching this really good YouTube tutorial. If you’re looking to learn how to play worship songs on the guitar or keyboard I’d recommend this guy. It’s under the name Acoustic Selection.

45 minutes later…

Sugar has kicked in and my fingers hurt. Moving on to the laundry. I completed maybe 6-7 loads today. Is there an end to it…ever? My biggest issue concerning laundry around here is towels. Why do boys/men feel like once they have dried off the towel is no longer going to work without being washed again? I wonder what they think the towel bars in the bathroom are for.

I balanced our checking account. That was fun.

I went out and paid a few bills and got myself some lunch. When I got back home I started working on my new organizational tool I downloaded the other day. It’s called MyDresssing app. I have an android phone so it’s the closest thing I could find to the iphone’s Stylebook app. It’s awesome! The app is a virtual closet organizer. You take pictures of everything including your accessories so you can organize all of your outfits. I love it so far! Now I can see exactly what I have and when I go shopping I have a reference guide. My pictures are not that great. I tried to follow the instructions I saw on Pinterest but it didn’t go very well. I’ll post some examples of that soon.

I went grocery shopping and then picked up the kids a little earlier than I would have if I went into the office today. I had time to prepare a real dinner and there was no stressing and rushing around to get it all done. I can’t do it often but I feel so much better at the end of my “days off”.