Expensive Napkins

Isaiah: Are they serious? Who would pay 25 cents for a napkin when they have free paper towels? 


I totally froze with no good explanation. We used our “free paper towels” and I quickly got them out of the bathroom and on to our next adventure.

Note to self: think about how to explain “girl topics” to my boys.

Anyone out there with boys? At what point did you explain to them what a period is? 

Morning Song Series- Monday

Every weekday as we drive to school we have a different theme  song. This week we are sharing them with you! 

Tomorrow we’ll be “pepping” things up with an original so stay tuned πŸ™‚

Click the link below for our Monday song…


Consistently…A Mess

As a mom of two boys I have to constantly clean if I want my house to be in any kind of order. So basically…it’s a wreck.

Super messy people…no exaggeration. The boys’ bathroom is just terrible. There is a piggy bank tipped over beside the bathtub and close to $2.00 in pennies scattered around the front and sides of the toilet. There is a deck of multiplication flashcards spread out as well. I guess someone was multitasking while going potty. 

Poop + Math = recipe for success?

Maybe…report cards come out next week so we’ll have to wait and see πŸ™‚

Getting the boys to do chores and help out can be difficult. It takes a lot more time and they are messy. 

Sure…make your own sandwich or even just get your own snack can quickly turn into a nightmare.

They’re going to be more helpful but I think the food/drink category will stick with me.

Gotta love ’em!!!!

Goodnight everyone πŸ™‚