An Honest Moment…

I want to talk about some things that have nothing to do with the kids. My personal junk. Earlier today I began to get that Sunday panic feeling. The chest tightening feeling that comes along with the racing thoughts of Monday morning. Once I get to work I'm fine. I don't even know what it is [...]

Arts & Crafts Reality

She cracks me up! This is my life... Her videos are so relatable. I have the greatest intentions with my boys but it ALWAYS ends up like this... if you have kids you need to watch this 🙂 @mylifesuckers #motherhood #raisingkids #workingmom

I Hate Alarm Clocks!

January 5, 2016 2:00 AM- I finally shut my eyes to go to sleep. I have 5 hours and 40 minutes before my oldest has to be in his seat at school. The holiday break is over. 4:30 AM- I hear tiny feet and a blanket dragging across my bedroom floor. I barely have the energy to [...]

Google Auto Awesome Feature Google's Auto Awesome feature is truly AWESOME! It is not a new feature but I just recently found out that in my Google photos there are creations. Some are simple collages but there is a movie maker also. This YouTube video is what Google Awesome created based on the photos and videos I took of [...]

Thanksgiving Lunch

Tomorrow my son's daycare is having their annual Thanksgiving lunch. Parents are invited to come and enjoy the meal in the classroom. At the dinner table this evening I ask him what they will be serving. Me: "Aaron, what are they having at your Thanksgiving lunch tomorrow?" Aaron: "I don't know." Me: "Well, what do [...]

How to learn telling time

We used a Dr. Seuss themed foam clock I picked up at the dollar store. Added some notes on there for reminders and then...practice, practice, and more practice 🙂 Visual learning tools work best with my boys. How do your kids best learn new things?

Homework, Oh, Homework!

Every Monday Isaiah's teacher assigns a poem for him to read. This week he read "Homework, Oh, Homework!" I absolutely loved it. Homework can be a battle sometimes so it was nice to see him enjoy his reading this time. When he gets his weekly poem at school the students are instructed to paste it [...]

Shhhh…. naptime!

Aaron fell asleep on the way from the store. I carried him carefully into the house praying he wouldn't wake up. It was already past time for his nap. I open the door and it is completely dark. Strange... where are the others? I tip toe into the bedroom and slowly lay Aaron on the [...]

How God Speaks To Me

I was driving home from the grocery store the other night with Aaron in the back seat. An old Boys II Men song popped in my head so I randomly belted out... "So now we've come to the end of the road! Still I can't let go! You belong to me! I belong toooooo youuuuu...." [...]

Can you wipe my butt please?

Can you wipe my butt please?

I'm trying to scrape something together for dinner. I have a headache. It's Monday. My 4 year old calls out from the potty... Aaron: Mama! Do we have an emergency room? Me: Where? Aaron: In our house? Me: No. The emergency room is at the hospital. Aaron: What if I hurt too bad? Me: We'll [...]