My Lost Car & Facial Peel

I've misplaced my car keys a million times. Yesterday was the first time I lost my car. Let me begin by admitting my husband offered to walk me to my car. At the time I thought his offer was ridiculous. No thank you sir! I am a grown woman and we are parked at opposite [...]

Thanksgiving Fire Alarms

I took a long lunch break to get Thanksgiving essentials the day before we celebrate. I have walked aggressively in heels for over an hour gathering what we need. I place the last item in my cart when....the fire alarm goes off. No one stops their shopping! Frantic last minute shoppers gaze into the eyes [...]

Let’s catch up…

Let’s catch up…

Tuesday's Theme Song "Pep, Pep, Pep it up! It's Tuuueeessssdaaaayyyyy!" I think it's growing on them. National Ice Cream Day Yesterday my company had a soft serve ice cream truck come by...oh yeah! While I was devouring my delicious sundae I heard people discussing how great their lemon custard something dessert was...ewwwww. How can people [...]

Stylebook Picture layout (fail)

Pinterest photo of how to photograph clothing for My Stylebook app. I have the Android version - MyDressing app. My photography skills need some work... I found it worked much better when I hung the items up on the back of my closet door. Still working on capturing everything. I'm very excited about my new [...]