Mary, Did You Know?


Aaron singing “Mary, Did You Know?” this morning during the Sunday School Christmas Program.

God Is Making More Numbers

Driving home from church this morning I hear my boys in the backseat.

Aaron: 98, 99, 100… What comes after a hundred?

Me: 101, 102…

Aaron: 101, 102, 103…What is the last number?

Me: There isn’t a last number. We just say infinity. Numbers go on and on forever.

Isaiah: yeah…God is building more numbers.

Aaron: No he’s not! He’s busy fighting the devil.

Isaiah: Yes He is!

Aaron: Mama! What is God doing?

Me: God is taking care of everything that needs to be done.

Isaiah: told ya..He’s building more numbers.

Me: (Just a few more exits and I’m jumping out of this car!)