Daddy Is Better Than You

daddy's boy.jpg
Daddy’s Boy

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When I Grow Up

Isaiah: when I grow up I’m going to do what you’re doing for a living. Continue reading

Christmas Clues For An Assassin

assassin christmasMy son was in full armor today.

  • Two plastic daggers (back pockets)
  • Plastic golf club AKA sword/ rocket launcher (stuffed down into the front of his jeans)
  • A plastic taser/gun (Right front pocket)
  • A bow (tucked into the back of his shirt)
  • A glow in the dark arrow (Left front pocket)

Standing in front of the Christmas tree with a determined look on his face he examines every ornament carefully.

Me: “What are you doing?”

Isaiah: “I’m looking for inferences.”

Me: “What?”

Isaiah: “I’m an assassin and I need clues. I have to find clues!”

This boy and his wild imagination!


How to tell your child needs more structure


I was sitting just a few rows back from the front in church this evening.
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