Daddy Is Better Than You

Anyone have a mama's boy? What about a daddy's boy?   We¬†have one of each. My oldest is an absolute mama's boy. I love it! My younger son is all about daddy. Yesterday on the way to church I was educating my children on some old school kind of music that I enjoy. I sang [...]

When I Grow Up

Isaiah: when I grow up I'm going to do what you're doing for a living. (I'm commenting on a Facebook conversation) Me: what are you talking about? Isaiah: I'm going to type text messages for a living. ***** Future social media manager????

Christmas Clues For An Assassin

My son was in full armor today. Two plastic daggers (back pockets) Plastic golf club AKA sword/ rocket launcher (stuffed down into the front of his jeans) A plastic taser/gun (Right front pocket) A bow (tucked into the back of his shirt) A glow in the dark arrow (Left front pocket) Standing in front of [...]

Homework, Oh, Homework!

Every Monday Isaiah's teacher assigns a poem for him to read. This week he read "Homework, Oh, Homework!" I absolutely loved it. Homework can be a battle sometimes so it was nice to see him enjoy his reading this time. When he gets his weekly poem at school the students are instructed to paste it [...]

How to tell your child needs more structure

I was sitting just a few rows back from the front in church this evening. Aaron went to sleep before the praise team was done singing so it was just me and Isaiah. He had an activity book and was struggling with a crossword puzzle. Isaiah: I don't know how to do these. Crossword puzzles [...]