Cold Little Socks

Never assume things in the Mellix home are in the correct place. It is safer to begin with where did I last see them.

After working more on my closet organization (still not done but it’s going well) I walk into the kitchen for a drink. Upon opening the refrigerator I find a pair of Aaron’s red and grey striped socks on the bottom shelf. Interesting…


I question my boys about the socks and surprisingly the sock owner was not the culprit!

Isaiah’s explanation:

“Aaron and I were playing a game. We were taking turns trying to shut each other in the refrigerator. I was getting cold so I stole Aaron’s socks. I forgot to take them with me when I got out.”

Well…okay then. Not shocking at all. Just another evening with the Mellix boys.

Random Cheese

Around my house you will always find evidence of the children. You can pretty much trace their steps. Dirty Ninjago underwear, empty goldfish bags and deadly sharp toys galore.

It’s the weird stuff that I find that really trips me out. The other day I walked into their bedroom to find Batman was being held captive.


Tonight it was a multi-layer square of American cheese. I almost stepped on it in the living room.


Who had this 6 layer square of cheese?


Why did they just drop it and leave it behind? Was it not satisfying enough? Why not drop it off in the trash can before bed? How many slices of cheese were sacrificed to create this piece of debris on my floor? I can only imagine where I’ll find the plastic wrappers they were originally in.

After pondering these things for a bit I grab my phone so I can document the foolishness I’ve found.

Annoying yes…but what would life be without these dirty little love balls? Certainly less entertaining for sure. They bring us so much joy even if it comes in the form of having to laugh as I pick up multi-layer cheese on my way to bed.