A Gorilla’s Funeral

A Gorilla’s Funeral

When you live with children you see weird things. I never thought I would walk into a gorilla's funeral service but apparently the family arranged for it to take place in my bedroom. I still don't know the cause of death but I found him here in his guitar shaped coffin after work tonight. The [...]

Toys from my childhood (1990’s)

Saturday is usually the day I play catch up at home. My husband was kind enough to clean the kitchen last night (I HATE DISHES!) so I was able to conquer the rest of the mess fairly quickly today. I rarely have the time to really dig through things after I clean up. It's an [...]

Random Cheese

Around my house you will always find evidence of the children. You can pretty much trace their steps. Dirty Ninjago underwear, empty goldfish bags and deadly sharp toys galore. It's the weird stuff that I find that really trips me out. The other day I walked into their bedroom to find Batman was being held [...]