Dishwashers & Squirt Guns

My husband and oldest son were loading the dishwasher tonight. Sounds great, right? Continue reading

Arts & Crafts Reality

She cracks me up! This is my life…  Continue reading

I Hate Alarm Clocks!

January 5, 2016

2:00 AM- I finally shut my eyes to go to sleep. I have 5 hours and 40 minutes before my oldest has to be in his seat at school. The holiday break is over.

4:30 AM- I hear tiny feet and a blanket dragging across my bedroom floor. I barely have the energy to open one eye as I peer in his direction to see why he has graced us with his presence… Continue reading

How to raise a teenager…hold on sir…you are only eight!

The last week or so has been interesting. My oldest turned eight years old. He no longer has the adorable infant, toddler, or even preschool character traits. He is growing up into a handsome young man. Awkwardly handsome as his teeth have been falling out left and right…but a good lookin’ kid.

I remember when I would lay next to him and he would play with my hair until he fell asleep. Gone are the days when he wanted to cuddle. He’s not squishy anymore…

Now he has this attitude that is driving me insane. Maybe it’s the long days at school. Second grade has been more of a challenge. Whatever the reason is I feel like his behavior towards me is similar to how a teenager behaves and frankly I am not prepared yet.

Wednesday night after church my boys were both running around like lunatics outside in the parking lot. This is normal for them.  They don’t listen and I ultimately end up dragging one or both to the car. I grab Aaron’s hand with my right hand. I’m struggling with my left to carry my purse, Bible, and an extra hoodie for Aaron (???). I finally extend out the pointer finger on my left hand and bark in Isaiah’s direction…

Me: “Hold my finger!”

Isaiah: “OMG…I don’t need to hold your hand!”

Me: “You don’t ever listen! Hold on to my finger and let’s go! We are leaving!”


Insert a moment of me seeing red….

Thursday night we are back at the church for choir practice. I had a long night. This was supposed to be my first night trying to ease back in to singing at church again. We had a meeting with our Pastor. Great meeting but I had a lot on my mind afterwards. I ran out to get pizza for the kids and their friends and that was an adventure in itself. It involved poor customer service, four police cars and a woman standing in my way that had apparently been spit on just before I got in the parking lot. I can’t even make this stuff up. Charlotte is crazy. I get back to set the kids up in the fellowship hall and by the time I sat in to listen to the practice I wasn’t able to get much out of it let alone participate.

I didn’t eat yet. I was emotional. I was tired.

Practice is dismissed and the kids are running around crazy again. I’m just so tired. Why can’t they listen?

Finally we get outside…so close to leaving and getting some food. Get in the car! Get in the car! Get in the car!

Insert a moment of me seeing red….

Oh no! I forgot my phone!

I ran back into the church to get it and when I came out my husband was still standing in the parking lot talking. The kids were buckled up in the car. Based upon facial experience he knew it was time. Time to get the Mellix family out of there before I exploded. A friend of ours used to call it “BOOOOMMMM!” He used the same expression for my mother. I guess my freak outs run in the family 🙂

Nathan: “What’s wrong?”

Me: (Grinding my teeth together and giving him the look of death) “Get in the car…”

We pull out of the parking lot and Aaron speaks up from his car seat…

Aaron: “Isaiah said that mama doesn’t love us.”

I stare out the passenger side window in silence. Why? Why would he tell him that?

I’m not ready to raise a teenager. I’m clearly not that great at raising an eight year old. Who does he think he is?

So it’s Friday…I’m getting ready to leave the office and pick up the kids. I am determined to get this eight year old in line while getting him to understand I love him more than words can express. This is why I am “mean”. It’s not my job to be his friend. It’s my job to direct him and teach him how to be a responsible human being.

Mom’s “day off”

laundryI didn’t go to work today. In my world that means I didn’t report to my “official” place of employment but replaced those labor hours with things that desperately needed to be done at home. Anyone else take days like these?

After I dropped Boogy off at school I stopped by Bojangles and picked up two football shaped Bo Berry biscuits and a large Pepsi. Breakfast of Champions… check! I came back to the house where my husband and youngest son were still getting ready. Actually, Aaron was already dressed. He is four and can get completely dressed down to his shoes super quick if he knows there’s a chance he can play Xbox. So I sat down on the couch eating my sugar filled breakfast while Aaron told me all about his current standings with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Before I was done he had defeated Dr. Doom and was moving on to find Galactus.

Once they left I sat down at the keyboard to practice. One might ask if this falls under the “desperately needs to get done” category. No…not at all. This would be categorized as procrastination Level 10. I’ve already avoided my job and now I’m playing…I mean “practicing” the keyboard. I have learned a little bit though. I can play a few chords from watching this really good YouTube tutorial. If you’re looking to learn how to play worship songs on the guitar or keyboard I’d recommend this guy. It’s under the name Acoustic Selection.

45 minutes later…

Sugar has kicked in and my fingers hurt. Moving on to the laundry. I completed maybe 6-7 loads today. Is there an end to it…ever? My biggest issue concerning laundry around here is towels. Why do boys/men feel like once they have dried off the towel is no longer going to work without being washed again? I wonder what they think the towel bars in the bathroom are for.

I balanced our checking account. That was fun.

I went out and paid a few bills and got myself some lunch. When I got back home I started working on my new organizational tool I downloaded the other day. It’s called MyDresssing app. I have an android phone so it’s the closest thing I could find to the iphone’s Stylebook app. It’s awesome! The app is a virtual closet organizer. You take pictures of everything including your accessories so you can organize all of your outfits. I love it so far! Now I can see exactly what I have and when I go shopping I have a reference guide. My pictures are not that great. I tried to follow the instructions I saw on Pinterest but it didn’t go very well. I’ll post some examples of that soon.

I went grocery shopping and then picked up the kids a little earlier than I would have if I went into the office today. I had time to prepare a real dinner and there was no stressing and rushing around to get it all done. I can’t do it often but I feel so much better at the end of my “days off”.